A serving of flax seeds contains an impressive amount of nutrients, and  benefits.

1. Encourage Digestive Health

Flax seeds contains fiber, Which is an essential nutrient for digestive health.

2. Cardiovascular Wellness

Flax seeds reduce the risk of heart disease such as:  bringing  down blood pressure and enhance the cholesterol Level

3. Supporting Weight Management

Flax seeds contain both soluale fiber and insoluable fiber that support Weight Management

4. Reduce Cancer Danger

The high fiber content of flax seeds  reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. For every additional 10 grams of fiber consumed, the risk of colorectal cancer decreases by 7%.

5. Could Lower Blood Sugar

Flax seeds reduce the blood sugar levels and  improve in insulin sensitivity.


Calories: 224 Fat:5g Saturated fat:5 g Unsaturated fat:16 g Sodium:6mg Carbohydrates: 12g Fiber:5g,  Added Sugars: 0g Protein: 7g Thiamin: 0.69mg  Magnesium: 165mg  Selenium: 12mcg  Iron: 4mg