5 Facts you might not be Aware about your BRAIN

The human brain is truly incredible. It interacts at breakneck rates, continually connects, matures into your forties, analyses, and stores vast quantities of data, and so much more. The five facts about your mind may wow you even more.

1. Brain don’t recognize Reality & Fantasy

The brain responds to whatever you think about in the same way it would if it were actually happening. The placebo effect operates in this manner. When the brain believes you are taking a pharmaceutical medicine when you are actually taking a sugar tablet, the body reacts as if the sugar pill were a real drug. This is also evident in the nocebo effect.

The nocebo effect is the opposite of the placebo effect. Instead of healing sickness, the brain causes it as a result of a belief. That’s how a hypochondriac might watch the evening news, learn about a new illness, and then begin to experience its symptoms.

If you don’t believe that the brain can’t tell the difference between something real and something imagined, imagine something horrible occurring to someone you care about. Even if the person you care about is two feet in front of you and entirely secure, you will begin to feel anxious in the pit of your stomach.

2. What you think about the most is what you experience

Whatever you think about the most becomes progressively a part of your experience. For example, if you buy a new automobile, you will notice that car everywhere. Why didn’t you see that automobile before purchasing your own? You didn’t see it because you didn’t have one.

You began to think about your automobile more regularly after purchasing it. When you spend a lot of time thinking about something, you begin to perceive all of the changes that reinforce your unique thought pattern.

3. Your Mind works mainly on Auto-Pilot

brain can create energy

The human brain has around 60,000 thoughts every day on average. Not only are many of these thoughts the same as yesterday’s, but there may also be numerous negative thoughts concentrating on something “bad” in the past or worrying about something that could happen in the future.

Because the brain cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined, if you consider anything ‘bad,’ the negative ideas can subtly ruin your life. Negative thoughts not only cause stress and worry, but they may also educate your brain to be in continual anguish, reducing the efficacy of your immune system.

4. It is essential to turn off your thoughts

You may literally start to switch off the hundreds upon thousands of automatic negative ideas that pass through your head on a daily basis. You may enhance your immune system, attract greater health, and even attract more positive people and events into your life by shutting off these negative ideas. But it all begins with a concept.

What we attract is created by our thoughts.

Meditation is one of the most essential activities you can do for your health and well-being. Meditation does not have to be difficult. Meditation simply means stopping thinking and being present.

5. You truly have the ability to “alter your brain.”

When you concentrate your thoughts on what you want, the process of creating new brain connections starts. This is referred to as neuroplasticity. For example, if you hold the subconscious idea that “I cannot lose weight” and begin to believe, “I am in wonderful condition,” you will begin to develop a new neural connection in the brain. When this happens, your eyes begin to discover chances that, if taken advantage of, will make that new belief a reality.

Train your mind to think more positively. When you rewire your brain and encourage your subconscious mind to think positively, you’ll begin to reap one advantage after another, eventually leading to a more positive experience in your life.

  • Are you conscious about your brain and controlling it or is the brain is controlling you ?

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