5 Yoga Asana to help in Stress Management

Yoga seeks physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It also provides a comprehensive understanding of the notion of spirituality, linking us with ourselves, the world around us, nature, and the universe. Yoga is like putting on glasses to see the world through. It is a new way of perceiving ourselves and the world to minimize stress, be healthier, and live happier lives.

Do you wish to rid your body of all ailments and maintain it in good health at all times? Do you wish to improve your mental clarity, transparency, and peace? So, start practising yoga sutras to awaken your vital energy

Here are five basic yoga postures advantageous for a healthy body and mind 

1. Ananda Bal asana (joyful baby pose)

happy baby pose

This asana is useful for increasing immunity. This stance helps us to reproduce a comfortable and secure environment in our adult lives, similar to how a newborn lays curled up with his or her feet brought up to the body. Lie on your back and extend your legs up in the air while twisting your pelvis. Exhale, slowly moving your heels towards your head as you relax into the asana, a large grin on your face. Repeat this five times, each for roughly three minutes.

2. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Bhujangasana cobra pose

This asana is both strengthening and rejuvenating. Inhale and use your arms to lift your body up. Avoid using momentum; instead, keep your arms straight and firm. Pull in your abs to support your lower back while you straighten your spine without crunching. Look forward to or below.

This position helps to strengthen the back. Improves concentration, brain, and digestive stimulation. Tone the stomach and abdomen while also toning the respiratory system.

3. Chakravakasana (cat-cow pose)

Bitilasana is a popular posture for stretching the spine, strengthening the back muscles, and relieving minor weariness or tension. Cat position, over time, strengthens your core muscles (as well as indirectly strengthening the muscles in the rest of your body), increases spine flexibility (particularly in the lower back), tones your abdominal area, tones your buttocks, and helps correct posture.

It works best in the morning since it helps you begin your day with increased vigour, freshness, and health. This yoga asana promotes the flexibility of your spine and relieves all of the tension maintained during sleep.

4. Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Ustrasana camel pose

Start in a kneeling position to do this asana. To avoid knee and hip pain, press your thighs straight forward. Keep your thighs upright, and stretch your head and back as far as possible. Tighten your abdominal muscles to slightly arch your lower back. Find your best posture and keep it for as long as you need to. Then, one by one, remove your hands from the heels and return to the beginning position. Take deep breaths while relaxing and letting go of all stress in your body.

Increases spine flexibility, allowing the body to become more limber. Enhances overall posture. It also helps to relieve back discomfort and helps is weight loss.

5. Natarajasana


This pose needs you to balance on one leg while lifting the other behind you. It stretches the entire side of your body from thigh to fingers and requires arm and torso strength. This type of motion sends blood to the internal lining of each vertebra in your spine.

It is an excellent stretch for the hamstrings, opening the hip flexors and increasing spine flexibility. The chest opens and expands to allow for deeper breathing, while the thighs gradually burn fat away.

  • Do you perform Yoga Daily ? What are the positives that you have taken from Yoga ?

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