Chia seeds recipe: Add it to your oatmeal

A tasty new chia seeds recipe is a golden treasure in the thinking of nearly any healthful eater. Athletes reflect on consideration on Chia a “high-octane” meals that continue all cylinders firing for prolonged intervals of time. Why do Chia seeds appear like a miracle meal you might also ask? It all comes down to a near-perfect combination of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and fiber. Some declare that a single tablespoon of Chia can even preserve a man or woman for 24 hours!

The little seeds that embellished the clay heads from instances forgotten have now been put into a mild in which they deserve – breakfast! Here’s what the tatted chef just whipped up as a chia seed recipe for breakfast this morning:

“I saved a serving or two of my “chia pet” or uncooked chia pudding from ultimate night time then introduced it to my morning oatmeal; I in my opinion see this as a stroke of genius… however I digress. So, here is a little bit greater about the tiny little seeds that provide you with tons of benefits.

chia seeds health benefits


A Few Benefits of Chia Seeds:

The Omega-3 Fatty Acids in chia seeds assist increase the body’s correct LDL cholesterol (HDL) to defend you from coronary heart disease.

They grant fiber to assist you to hold intestine fitness by preserving your digestive machine clean.

You’ll get a hold of a to enhance your everyday consumption of calcium. Because a serving incorporates 18% of the advocated serving, this consumption will aid you in maintaining your bones and connective tissue robust.


  1. Organic GF oats
  2. vegan butter
  3. almond milk
  4. a sprint of stevia
  5. a sprinkle of cinnamon
  6. top with 1 tsp of chia
  7. add some more blueberries and *VOILA*

chia seeds pudding


It is a delicious and very nutritious way to begin the day, or in this case, an after-exercise power reboot! Add some chia to your day, you won’t be sorry!


  • Are you adding Chia Seeds to your Meal from Today and enjoy healthy & tasty meal ?

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