HIIT: The Workout for Those With Limited Time to Workout

“I wish to exercise but lack the time to do so.” How frequently have you uttered these phrases? If you’re like the majority of us, you believe that staying fit requires hours at the gym, evenings spent jogging, and an abundance of expensive equipment. Actually, that is not true. There are a plethora of new workouts designed specifically for individuals with limited free time, and HIIT workouts are among the best.

What Is HIIT Training?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of exercise that combines short bursts of intense exercise with less strenuous recovery periods.

It is ideal for anyone who wants to maintain fitness without adding another chore to their already full schedule. Are you prepared to learn everything you need to know about HIIT workouts and how to begin?


What Constitutes a High-Intensity Workout?

Confused about the actual activities of a HIIT workout? There is a multitude of workouts suitable for individuals of varying fitness levels. To illustrate what it looks like in practice, we’ve provided a simple example below.

Beginner HIIT Workout

Perform each of the following exercises for 45 seconds, followed by a 15-second rest interval.

Repeat three times, with one minute of rest between rounds.

  1. Push-ups
  2. Squats
  3. High knees while running in place
  4. Side lunges
  5. Jumping jacks

What Occurs Within The Body During HIIT Training?

Curious about the physiological changes that occur during high-intensity interval training?

During intense exercise, the body requires more oxygen than normal. This results in an oxygen deficiency, which prompts your body to request additional oxygen during the recovery period. This process is known as EPOC or excess oxygen consumption after exercise. It is essential for burning more fat than usual! This maintains a high heart rate and causes you to burn more calories than you would during a typical workout.

What Should You Concentrate on During a HIIT Session?

To maximize the benefits of your HIIT workouts, it is advisable to set a goal beforehand.

You might be interested in

  • Burn fat and shed pounds.
  • Increase your endurance.
  • Enhance your performance in activities of high intensity.
  • Stay in shape and healthy.


Choose a goal beforehand and seek out exercises that will help you achieve it.

Depending on your objective, you will vary the length of your work and rest intervals, the intensity of the exercises you select, and the total duration of your workout.

What Are The Benefits of HIIT?

Not only are HIIT workouts convenient, but they also have an abundance of incredible benefits. Check out the following list.

  1. Increase your endurance. If you participate in another sport, such as running or cycling, there is a good chance that HIIT workouts will improve your endurance.
  2. Continue to burn calories following your workout. HIIT exercises put your body into overdrive, so you continue to burn calories even after you’ve stopped exercising. Bonus!
  3. Healthy for the heart Exercising to the point where your heart rate increases are beneficial for heart health and circulation.
  4. Boost your metabolic rate. Because HIIT uses more oxygen than traditional workouts, it increases your metabolism, making it ideal for weight loss.
  5. Simple to adhere to Complex training plans are much harder than brief, straightforward workouts. It is much easier to maintain motivation when you can exercise anywhere, which is possible with HIIT.

Are There Any Risks Associated With HIIT?

As with any form of exercise, HIIT poses certain risks. It is essential to choose exercises that you can perform safely and to avoid pushing yourself too hard or too quickly. Before attempting a new workout, one should always consult a professional if uncertain.

Are You Prepared For Your Initial Workout?

One of the best things is that it requires no equipment and you can tailor your moves to your goals! There are so many options available to you that you don’t necessarily need to stick with the same strategy.

You can choose your preferred moves that target your desire and switch to the others to maintain your interest! In order to achieve the best performance, it is essential that you exert your maximum effort during the workout.

Here is an infographic that illustrates the formation of a basic HIIT workout! If you’re interested in customizing your workout, check out this article to get started!

So no more excuse to not exercise now! Start sweating immediately!

  • How often do you work out in a week? What’s your workout routine?

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