5 Types of Food that you must AVOID to lead a HEALTHY LIFE

Unhealthy foods are those that have little or no nutritional value in comparison to ones that do. Unhealthy meals do taste wonderful, but one should maintain control over them to lead a Healthy Life.

In addition to frankfurters, the list of items that might shorten your life included corned beef, fried dishes like three chicken wings, and veggie pizza.

5 Unhealthy eating habits that you must stay away from to lead a Healthy Life

1. JUNK FOODavoid junk food for healthy life 

French fries, Burgers, Chips, Pizzas, and so on are popular among today’s youth. They give you with a lot of calories, which will result in weight gain. Junk food consumption is a major cause of obesity and child obesity. Aside from these factors, poor cooking conditions and insufficient quality control all contribute to the harmful character of fast food or junk food


Although animal protein such as fish, eggs, dairy products, and poultry provide a complete amount of protein that is beneficial to health, too much of it can be hazardous. The most common sources of animal fats, such as cheese, full-fat milk, ghee, red meat, and beef, can be harmful to one’s health. Consume in limit for Healthy Life.


The most common source of caffeine is coffee. Toxic pesticides and herbicides are used in the production of coffee beans. Caffeine may also be present in chocolate, colas, and other soft drinks, so avoid them. Caffeine withdrawal symptoms include headaches, depression, sleeplessness, elevated blood pressure, exhaustion, and so on.


alcohol is injurious to health

Too much alcohol causes dehydration, irritation, headaches, and other side effects. If you drink on an empty stomach, you will consume empty calories. Always pair your drink with something to eat. Two pegs of 50 ml each are suggested. Social drinking within limits is not dangerous, but the problem of alcoholism can be injurious and take you away from leading a Healthy Life.


Refined and processed foods are manufactured from Maida and have no or very little fibre. A lack of fibre in the diet causes constipation, sluggish intestines, and, in the worst-case scenario, colon cancer. Fiber is abundant in a whole food diet rich in vegetables and fruits.

While finding healthy alternatives to junk food might be tough at times, the Health Star Rating system is a useful tool for determining how nutritious a product is. It allows you to quickly and easily compare identical packaged items.

Packaged goods are rated from half a star to five stars depending on their nutritional value. These ratings are shown on the front of packaged goods. It is crucial to note, however, that this approach is fairly broad, and the nutritional content of certain goods may not be correctly conveyed by the grade they obtain.

Remember that the Health Star Rating system is primarily intended for packaged items sold in stores, therefore certain nutritious foods — including fresh unpackaged food — will be excluded.

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